1.5 in. Corrugated Tubing, 20 ft.

Item# QTC115 (54322)

UPC#:  871980007897

  • The aquanique 1.5 in. Corrugate Tubing is kink-free and comes in a 20 ft. coil.

  • Tubing is a conduit, allowing water to flow from a pump to the rest of your pond equipment.

  • The black color blends in naturally with surroundings and resists algae growth.

  • Corrugated tubing is durable yet flexible, and kink-free.

  • Safe for fish and plants

Our 1.5 in. tubing is flexible yet durable enough to last for years to come. This tubing is non-toxic so it is safe for your fish and aquatic plants. Its black color is designed to inhibit algae growth and it will blend well within your backyard pond or water garden.