10 in. Square Plant Basket

Item# QDPB10 (52565)

UPC#: 87198007712

  • The 10 in. Square Basket provides strong, durable housing to keep most aquatic plants safe and stationary.

  • The basket also ensures a manicured look in your pond.

  • A quick installation is easy with the 10 in. Square Basket; place the aquatic plant and soil in the basket and carefully lower it into your pond.

  • The 10 in. Square Plant Basket is compatible with bog plants, water grasses, and submerged plants.

  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5.25 in.

The aquanique 10 in. Square Plant Basket is ideal for aquatic planting in your water feature. It is constructed of strong black mesh specifically designed for the water garden environment. You can plant one or several types of plants as it will keep them stationary and the roots in place and under control. You can accent most water features with beautiful shrubs with the plant basket. It will add a touch of life to your garden water feature or help to liven up your patio. This garden basket is a smart choice for water gardens with fish as the basket will protect your flowers from becoming fish food. With the ability to house many plants, it will help save you space and make your garden more efficient.