1300 GPH Pump with UV Clarifier 

Item#: WP1300UV (52275)  

UPC#: 871980410635

  • The 1300 GPH Pump with UV Clarifier is ideal for large waterfalls up to 14 ft. tall.

  • This 2-in-1 pump, with an integrated 6W UV Clarifier, purifies and takes the green out of pond water.

  • As water passes over the UV bulb, it is cleaned of the microorganisms that cause green, murky water. We recommend changing the bulb annually.

  • Pumps with UV Clarifiers come with an adaptor that features a built-in adjustable flow control to fine-tune the flow rate and help you achieve your desired water effect.

  • Compatible with 1 in. ID tubing

  • Safety features include a pull-off, magnetic-kill back panel, UV indicator light, a cord holder for convenience, and a protective mesh barrier bag to protect pump from large debris.

  • aquanique pumps are not recommended for use in heavily chlorinated water or water with high pH levels.

  • UL listed

  • 1 year warranty

The aquanique 1300 GPH Pump with UV Clarifier comes with a built-in ultra violet clarifier to help keep your pond looking clean and clear. It has an optimum pumping height of up to 14 ft., but this can be easily adjusted by tweaking the built-in variable flow control valve. Each UV pump is a wise investment because it can sterilize water, which reduces harmful bacteria and algae, thereby ensuring a clear and healthy pond. Using this pond pump will dramatically minimize the need for maintenance and water treatments, allowing you to enjoy your pond without having to constantly worry about upkeep. 

Instruction Manual