Fountain and Landscape Light

Item# QL110WT (52454)

UPC#: 871980007415

  • The aquanique Fountain and Landscape Light can be used in and out of the water to illuminate water features and landscapes.

  • Includes 1 energy-efficient LED light, an automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor, a 12V transformer, and easy-to-change color lenses (red, green, yellow, and blue).

  • The waterproof LED light stays cool while it sits on a weighted base.

  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor shuts off the light during the daytime and turns it back on at night.

  • Periodically, your light may require cleaning with warm water and biodegradable soap for optimal performance.

  • The light can be used outside the pond in winter, but it needs to be kept out of any ice and snow. Ice and snow can damage the transformer and the light sensor.

  • 16 ft. power cord

  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25 x 3 in.

  • 1 year warranty

Highlight the beauty of your fountain or landscape at night with the aquanique Fountain and Landscape Light. This low voltage 10 watt LED light can be used underwater or out of the water - wherever you want it! It is equipped with a unique sensor that will automatically turn itself off at dawn and on again at dusk, saving you energy in the process. Four different color lenses are included so you can easily change the color of your pond and landscape. 

Instruction Manual