Lit Container Fountain Kit

Item# QDCFKL (52421)

UPC#: 871980007194

  • The Lit Container Fountain Kit inspires you to create your own one-of-a-kind, glowing water feature.

  • The pump assembly includes a 170 GPH pump to circulate the water, a filter box to protect the pump from debris, and a 10W LED lighted ring to create a glowing effect.

  • The 3 nozzle head options (trumpet, waterspray, and waterbell) aerate and decorate the water.

  • The 4 container stands lift your container, keep it level, and provide space for the power cord to exit.

  • The telescoping nozzle tube extends from 4.9 to 9 in.

  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.15 x 15.5 in.

  • 1 year warranty

The aquanique Lit Container Fountain Kit is a practical solution for converting small containers into water features. Whether you would like to embellish your porch, patio, or office, this container fountain kit includes all you would need to make this happen. This maintenance-free device comes with a durable 170 GPH fountain pump, a filter block and a beautiful bright LED light for nighttime enjoyment. The LED fountain kit also comes with a free seal so you can run the cord from the bottom of your container without packing it or interference. As an added benefit, you can change the pattern of the water output by choosing either the water bell nozzle, three-tier nozzle, or trumpet nozzle and letting it run free from there. Bring a bit of water play inside or out with the color generating unit made for smaller spaces.The planter fountain kit is a nice accessory for making a water feature out of materials you may already have on hand in the home or office. A challenging but fun construction project, you can get the spray and color look you desire once it is completely assembled. The aquanique Lit Container Fountain Kit generates 8 watts of power and can be used with a range of container shapes and sizes.  

Instruction Manual