Pond Aerator 

Item# QDAR (52449)

UPC#: 871980007170

  • The aquanique Pond Aerator helps add oxygen to water for a healthy, thriving aquatic environment.

  • Includes: Energy efficient submersible pump, Aerator nozzle head with 18 LED lights, Filter box with filter pads, Ceramic bio-media, and Floating lily pad to hold air tube

  • Not shown: optional artificial plant material provides environment for fish, air tube allows air to enter the aerator, floating lily pad keeps air tube above water level.

  • We do not recommend using the aerator in a pond larger than 600 gallons.

  • Use during the winter to prevent ice formation and allow gases to escape the pond.

  • Submersible use only

  • UL listed pump

  • 1 year warranty

The aquanique Pond Aerator is an excellent tool to help provide oxygen to your pond and help circulate the pond water. This aerator features a fully submersible 280 GPH pump and has a built-in filter box with filter pads. What makes this item unique is that it can be used in the winter to resist ice formation in your water garden. This also protects your fish while they are hibernating during the winter, as it circulates fresh oxygen throughout the pond so your fish don't suffocate from the buildup of rotting organic material. This aerator also produces an LED-illuminated bubble effect that fish seem to love!

Instruction Manual