Pressurized Pond Filter up to 900 Gallons

Item# QPF900 (42908)

UPC#: 871980007835

  • The Pressurized Pond Filter up to 900 Gallons is ideal for removing debris and improving water quality in or out of ponds up to 900 gallons.

  • Your pump (not included) works with the filter to mechanically clean your pond, while the bio-balls biologically promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

  • The pressure in this filter helps keep the water moving quickly, not giving debris a chance to settle in your pond.

  • The Pressurized Pond Filter up to 900 Gallons includes 1 coarse black filter, 1 fine blue filter, and bio-balls.

  • Compatible with QPP575, Q800UV, QWP1250, Q1300UV, QWP2300

  • Connects to a pump outlet with 3/4 in. or 1 in. ID tubing

The aquanique Pressurized Biological Filter up to 900 Gallons works by pushing your pond water through several chambers containing coarse and fine filters. The water then passes over bio balls which contain beneficial bacteria to clean your pond naturally, helping it stay fresh, clean, and clear. This system fits 3/4 in. ID tubing and 1 in. ID tubing and can be used either submerged in water or on dry land.

Instruction Manual