Pump Shield 

Item#: PSWP (52331)

UPC#: 871980201585


  • Prevents damaging debris from getting into your pump, minimizing pump maintenance.

  • It is built from an industrial-grade mesh material to protect it from damaging organic matter that cause wear and tear.

  • The pumpshield extends the life of your pump by keeping debris out.

  • The rigid mesh bag fits most submersible pumps.

  • Simply put the device inside your bag and tighten the adjustable drawstring.

  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 in.

  • Safe for fish and plants

To protect your pump from damaging debris that causes wear and tear, we recommend using our pumpshield. This nylon mesh bag is designed to help prevent large debris from clogging your pump, thereby extending the lifespan of the pump, reducing maintenance, and ensuring top performance. Simply put the pump inside your bag and tighten the adjustable drawstring. This pumpshield is safe for fish and plants, so you can preserve your pump worry-free!